Estate of bicyclist killed in bus accident sues city for negligence


KINGSTON – The Estate of Darryl Savage, killed in a collision with a school bus in Kingston on November 4, 2020, is suing the City of Kingston for wrongful death and negligence in maintaining the intersection where the crash occurred.  The lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount for damages, pain, and suffering.

The Estate, represented by Kingston attorney Joe O’Connor, filed the lawsuit in March of this year.

(The original story about the accident that claimed the life of the 54-year-old Mr. Savage can be found here.)

The City of Kingston Police Department investigated the accident that day and said Savage was riding a bicycle in the bike lane on the right side, parallel to the vehicle lane on Greenkill Avenue, near the intersection of Wilber Avenue when he ran a stop sign intended for the bike lane and struck the side of the bus.  The bus was making a right-hand turn.

As a result of the collision, Savage, who was not wearing a helmet, fell to the ground and was then run over by the bus, owned by the Birnie Bus Company, according to police.

Savage sustained serious internal injuries and died at the Health Alliance Broadway campus.

The lawsuit claims that improper construction signs and other negligence created by the City of Kingston created an unsafe condition, causing the death of Savage.  The lawsuit says that the cyclist was legally riding his bicycle when a school bus made a right-hand turn into his lane of the bike path, causing the collision.

The Estate also claims that the city had previous notice that the intersection was unsafe prior to the November accident.


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