Maloney “won’t shed a tear” if Putin dies of cancer

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Russian President Vladimir Putin
Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney: “Vladimir Putin is a war criminal”

MIDDLETOWN – Russian President Vladimir Putin has cancer and will be undergoing surgery during which time he will transfer power to one of his top

military leaders.

Russian troops continue their unprovoked attack on Ukraine as that nation fights back with support from the US and NATO counties.

Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, Monday told Mid-Hudson News he is not upset by Putin’s health announcement.

“If there is one person on this earth who I would wish a bad diagnosis on it’s Vladimir Putin. I think that it’s not something that we’re counting on that his own health would slow down this brutality he’s committing in Ukraine, but I’m not sorry to see it and if he ends up dying of cancer I won’t a tear. Vladimir Putin is a war criminal,” he said.


Maloney said Putin will get what’s coming to him either on this earth or in the afterlife.