School board votes for censorship in local high school

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TOWN OF WAPPINGER – The Wappingers Central School District has banned a book from the John Jay High School Library after receiving a complaint from a parent.  The book has never been checked out of the library.


At a recent school board meeting, the district voted to remove the single copy of “Gender Queer:  A Memoir” after receiving a complaint from Pat Whalen on behalf of “Concerned Parents and Grandparents; Moms for Liberty.”  The complaint says that the book is not appropriate for school-age children and should be replaced with a “Book that teach children good moral values, not material that is inappropriate for school-aged children.”


After reviewing the complaint, the existing district policies, and the book, Superintendent Dr. Dwight Bonk honored the request.  “I have no objection to either the ideas or the message of the book,” but noted that the book contains several graphic depictions of sexually explicit images.  The book was also reviewed by the Instructional Review Committee.  Bonk’s recommendation was sent to the school board members.


On March 14, the school board voted unanimously to remove the sole copy of “Gender Queer:  A Memoir” authored by Maria Kobabe.  The book is considered to be currently one of the most banned books in the country.