Law enforcement issues warning about high schoolers ingesting dangerous substances

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Orange County DA Hoovler. File photo.

GOSHEN – Law enforcement in Orange County has issued a warning to parents of high school students that there has been a recent “alarming increase” in high school students needing medical attention because they ingested substances including synthetic marijuana called “K2” or “spice,” substances purporting to contain THC or CBD oils, and other synthetic substances ingested through the use of e-cigarettes and other means.

District Attorney David Hoovler said 0parents and educators need to warn teens about those substances.

“In some of the circumstances the items you are buying, they are not clearly marked as to what the dose is. A lot of them are flatly inappropriate for teenagers. This can be dangerous stuff,” he said.

Crawford Police Chief Dominick Blasko, president of the Orange County Police Chiefs Association,  said consuming those chemical substances by high school students is becoming “an unfortunate trend in our schools and communities.”