Newburgh to pay $1.4 million for new city police station


NEWBURGH – The Newburgh City Council has voted to spend $1.4 million for property on West Street that includes a stately-looking building that Mayor Torrance Harvey would like to see converted into a new police headquarters to replace the current on Lower Broadway.

That facility, build in the 1970s, is laden with problems including mold.

Mayor Torrance Harvey would like to see the new site become police headquarters.

“If everything goes well with the transaction and the sale, because I don’t want to speak too prematurely, but the council supported allocating funds for the purchase of that property, of course you still have to go through the process of purchasing it. The hope and plan is to relocate our police officers to get them out of the dump where they are,” he said.

The new building is in the city’s west end and most of the crime occurs in the east end where the current police station is located.

Harvey’s plan would be to establish satellite police stations in all four corners of the city to ensure rapid police response no matter where crime takes place.

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