Home heating oil prices set to skyrocket this weekend

Oil burner
HUDSON VALLEY – An unstable national economy, combined with the threat of war in Ukraine, is triggering an increase in home heating oil prices that will likely happen as early as this Saturday, February 12.
Hudson Valley oil delivery companies have told Mid-Hudson News that the price per gallon for home heating oil may jump 10-cents per gallon as early as Saturday.  Customers that use oil-fired boilers to heat their homes can expect to pay more than $4 per gallon in the coming days.

“Geopolitical stress is combined with short supply going into the season — it’s a perfect storm of factors that are keeping prices stubbornly high right now,” said Michael O’Connor, director of the New York Public Interest Research Group’s fuel-buying program.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, known as NYSERDA, has a website for consumers to track the price of home heating oil.  The NYSERDA Dashboard can be found HERE.