Father of seven-year-old who starved to death pleads guilty

Peter Cuacuas

GOSHEN – The father of seven-year-old Peter Cuacuas, who starved to death in February 2021, pled guilty in Orange County Court to a charge of criminally negligent homicide.

When sentenced, Arturo Cuacuas will receive one-and-one-third to four years in state prison, the maximum permissible for the charge.

An Orange County grand jury previously charged the child’s primary caregiver, Leticia Bravo, 39, of Newburgh, with crimes including murder, in connection with his starvation death. Prosecutors alleged young Peter was kept secreted inside of Bravo’s City of Newburgh apartment, while he starved to death.

Arturo Cuacuas did not live with Bravo during the time period relevant to the charges. At the time that Arturo Cuacuas pled guilty, he admitted that in the months prior to Peter’s death, he would see Peter with Bravo once a week and noted his deteriorating condition and failed to take appropriate steps to help him.

Bravo, who also faces charges of manslaughter, faces 25-years to life in prison if convicted of the murder charge.

Arturo Cuacuas will not be sentenced until after criminal proceedings against Bravo have been concluded.

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