New year presents opportunities for Poughkeepsie city volunteers


POUGHKEEPSIE – The City of Poughkeepsie is seeking volunteers to serve on various committees that help shape policy in the city.

Mayor Rob Rolison said there are positions available on a number of land use review boards.

“With the New Year, we are renewing our call for residents who may have an interest in serving on a city board or commission. The work is very rewarding and often has a direct impact on the forward progress of our city,” said City Administrator Marc Nelson.

The planning board is responsible for reviewing a variety of development-related applications, including site plans, subdivisions, special permits, signs, façades, planning department referrals for zoning changes, and Common Council referrals for advisory opinions. Encouraged skill sets include planning, architecture, construction, land use law, environmental engineering, business operation, and community organizing.

Members of the board are expected to commit up to 10 hours per month over a term of three years, plus an additional four hours of training each year.

The Historic District & Landmark Preservation Commission is a group of city residents appointed by the mayor who are charged with reviewing all plans for the moving, exterior construction, alteration or repair, landscaping or demolition or any change in the exterior appearance of places, sites, structures or buildings designated landmarks or landmark sites and all places, sites, structures or buildings wholly or partly within the boundaries of a historic district. The Commission also considers applications for the designation of historic landmarks and/or districts and makes recommendations regarding those applications to the common council.

The Zoning Board of Appeals is a quasi-judicial board responsible for making zoning interpretations, recommending zoning changes to the common council, approving changes of legal nonconforming uses, and for ruling on area and use variance requests.  Members of the Board are expected to commit approximately six hours per month over a term of three years, plus an additional four hours of training each year.

The Waterfront Advisory Committee was created in 1986 and has served in an advisory capacity to the mayor, common council, planning board, and other city officials for all activities and/or developments within the delineated boundaries of the Local Waterfront Revitalization Zone. The Committee is also responsible for assisting with updating and carrying out the City’s Local Waterfront Redevelopment Program.

The Shade Tree Commission was formed in 1978 in order to study the problems and needs of the city in connection with its tree planting program and to make recommendations to the planning board, city administrator, and mayor as to type and kind of trees to be planted in the city.

Candidates should submit a resume and letter of interest stating why they would like to serve on the board or committee of their choice to the city chamberlain via email to


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