Orange County shares $12.8 million in surplus sales tax with municipalities


GOSHEN – Orange County has shared an additional $12.82 million in sales tax surplus received for fiscal year 2021 to its municipalities, bringing the total shared amount to nearly $92 million.

That is a sign that the county’s “post-COVID-19 recovery is underway,” said County Executive Steven Neuhaus. “This a great example of our financial strength.”

“The additional funding can help reduce the burden on local taxpayers and focus on improving infrastructure, reducing debt, enhancing parks and supporting public safety,” said Karin Hablow, the county’s commissioner of Finance. “The county was able to reduce taxes and the tax rate in the 2022, and the sales tax surplus is another indication that the county is in a strong financial position.”

Orange County’s sales tax revenue rose by more than $68.67 million in 2021, an increase of more than 24.5 percent from 2020. The county budgeted $300.15 million in sales tax for 2021 but generated $348.62 million. The County shares that revenue with 43 towns, villages, and cities.

Monroe Town Supervisor Tony Cardone said the funding will enable the town to reduce our 2022 tax rate in both the Town and Village of Monroe and clearly shows that the county is doing well financially.”


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