DA says new evidence against Durst despite his death


WHITE PLAINS – When Robert Durst died January 10 at the age of ,78, he was a real estate heir, suspected serial killer, and the convicted murderer of his longtime friend, Susan Berman.

Durst was convicted of killing Berman in September 2021, and he was in jail when he died. He was awaiting trial when he died of the murder of his wife, Kathie McCormack, who disappeared on January 31, 1982.

Westchester County District Attorney Miriam Rocah, Wednesday, said new evidence surfaced to charge Durst with the murder of McCormack.

“Robert Durst made a number of statements to police that were contradicted by other evidence,” she said.

Those statements included a number of incidences of domestic violence against McCormack, which included a gun, and statements by others about his whereabouts during the disappearance – when Durst said he had driven McCormack to a train bound for New York City on the night of her disappearance.

“A call by McCormack to her medical school, falsely suggested she was still alive. Many years later, following an investigation, this was a call Durst orchestrated,” said Rocah. “We have legally admissible evidence that Durst had directed Berman to call the medical school pretending to be Kathleen in order to misdirect the investigation.”

Rocah said there was also legally admissible evidence Durst admitted to Berman he had killed McCormack.


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