Voting is the currency of democracy, bishop says during MLK service

Bishop James Rollins: “March on the ballot box”

MIDDLETOWN – American society still remains broken, even decades after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spread his message of harmony and unity across the country. That word came from Bishop James Rollins during a commemoration of Dr. King’s life held on Monday in Middletown.

Rollins said much more needs to be accomplished going forward to mend society, especially following the insurrection in Washington one year ago.

“Reminding Americans that we are not yet one nation, reminding Americans that we are not one America, reminding Americans that unfortunately, we are not one nation under God, we are not indivisible and we have not yet reached the place where we are experiencing liberty and justice for all,” he said.

Rollins said we have to march on the ballot box “because voting is the currency of democracy.”

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