Broadway bike lane open

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KINGSTON – The two-way bike lane on Broadway in Kingston, which spans from the roundabout to Grand Street, is now open.


The final traffic signals and bike path signals, which were delayed due to supply chain issues, have been installed and activated. With the activation, the bike path is now officially opened. However, the permanent signals at Broadway/Grand Street/Pine Grove are still delayed due to supply chain issues, and that section of the bicycle path is not yet open.


“We have been enjoying the new sidewalks and traffic configuration along Broadway for weeks now, and with the traffic and bike lane signals now activated, we can safely open the new bike path,” said Mayor Steven Noble. “I encourage all users – drivers, pedestrians and cyclists — to please pay attention and use caution when navigating Broadway. Vehicles should always pay close attention when turning off of or onto Broadway and be sure to look for pedestrians and cyclists crossing the street in both directions.”


Drivers should park in the marked parking spaces between the bike lane and traffic, never in the striped door zone or bike lane. Passengers opening car doors near the bike lane should always look for pedestrians and cyclists, as a “dooring” can be deadly for cyclists. After exiting a vehicle, look in both directions when crossing the bike path to the sidewalk. Cyclists should use caution when entering an intersection, even with the right of way.  


The common council approved funding a Traffic Safety Education Campaign, which should kick-off in time for increased spring use of the bike path.


Signals for the newly aligned Broadway/Grand Street/Pine Grove intersection are expected to be installed in the coming weeks.


Supply chain issues also effected the delivery of the coordinated traffic sensors, which have yet to be installed. Currently, traffic lights are timed until the sensor technology can be installed and activated.


For more information on the Broadway Streetscape and other pedestrian safety projects, please visit Many resources for state bike laws can be found here.