Sullivan County Legislature reorganization session turns into ‘booing’ session

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Joe Perrello
Rob Hoherty


MONTICELLO – The nine-member Sullivan County Legislature was divided four-to-four between last year’s chairman, Rob Doherty, and legislator Joe Perrello to lead the lawmakers in the new year.

The deciding vote came from Alan Sorensen, who ultimately voted to support Doherty.

That prompted boos from those who backed Perrello, and an outburst from Perrello himself.

“Alan Sorensen, just to let you know, your reputation just went out the window. You will go out as the worst legislator in Sullivan County, with all of the good that you have done, to keep continuing this nonsense in this county,” Perrello said.

For his part, Doherty maintained his composure and said he is “a catalyst for change.”