Padilla resigns effective two years from now

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Newburgh Schools Superintendent Roberto Padilla speaking prior to his suspension

NEWBURGH – Dr. Roberto Padilla, the embattled superintendent of the Newburgh Enlarged City School District, has submitted his resignation effective two years from now – effective November 30, 2023.

His undated letter to District Clerk Matthew McCoy accompanies a separation agreement that stipulates he will collect his full salary and benefits, which amount to $354,853 per year.

Under the terms of the agreement, which are expected to be approved by the board of education, on Friday, December 31, 2021, the district will pay Padilla’s health benefits through 2023, should he accept a similar for the same pay.

The contract settlement also discusses complaints the district received concerning allegations that Padilla violated sexual harassment policy as pertaining to two former employees who attended a social event during a conference with Padilla and others in early August 2021.

Appendix “B” of the separation agreement states that, “As required by District Policy, the Board President arranged for independent investigators who reviewed certain allegations in common and reached inconsistent conclusions about the import of what occurred. Dr. Padilla denied the allegations against him and several witnesses who were interviewed expressed their views that no wrongdoing occurred. It is undisputed that the allegations would not constitute the elements of any crime and the allegations might not constitute sufficient grounds to set aside Dr. Padilla’s employment contract.”

It should be noted that neither of the two investigator reports was ever made public. One report, by Melinda Gordon, Esq., was provided to Mid-Hudson News pursuant to a freedom of information request, and that document was highly redacted.