Top Ways on How to Increase the Security of Your Door Lock

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Your house’s door locks are put in your home to offer protection to both the house and the family members. Therefore, it is always important to take time to maintain the locks state as it increases your home’s security system. This all begins by ensuring that your locks are safe and secure from the initial day you buy them. You can do this by utilizing the new technology to increase your home’s security since the new features are hitting the market day by day. Therefore, it is advisable always to be keen on how to increase your door’s lock to keep your home safe.

Upgrade your door lock

It would help if you began by upgrading your locks. Being a thing that you use every day for the security of your home, then you should ensure you are using the right type, and it must be in good working condition. If you do not choose the right type, it will be weak and not offer the rightful services. And, this can be a suitable time to call locksmith Scarborough to replace your old lock by installing their trusted brand for your door. Besides, this is the best time to ensure the bolt and knobs are in good shape.

Reinforce the surfaces of your door

The next thing to do is examine the surfaces of your doors. Apart from the locks, there are other ways that thieves can try to break into your door. If you are using an old, lightweight door, this could be the right time to replace them with a more solid door made of hardwood or perhaps metal.

Add security screen

Adding the security screen to the front of your door is a good initiative. It is like having two doors placed in front of the other. It is a thing that could help you install a metal barrier that has another lock that will enhance security. With additional bolts and keyed knobs in your house, the criminals will likely give up on their mission.

Lengthen the set screws

Your locks provider can help you know how they can help you lengthen the screws of their brand. This is yet another good trick that you can use to enhance home security. It is simple but very effective if followed properly. All you need to do is strike the setscrews such that if anyone tries to break into your door, there will be a likelihood of splinter and fracture but not get into your house.

Install more hardware

Another critical tip you should consider is maintaining your hardware and including more features. For example, it is possible if you use slipcovers to add more metal content to a door. This will help you strengthen your door against any possible vulnerability. In addition, that means it is good to deal with a weak bolt by getting a cover that will extend across the jam.


It is always advisable to consider installing security devices like the locksmith Scarborough for the security of your home. You could have either of them or both at the middle or on a chain lock. Adding the camera surveillance, a good lock, and smart doorbells will also enhance security as it deters criminals.