More student unrest at NFA Main

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NFA Main Campus

NEWBURGH – The third incident of student unrest in recent days at Newburgh Free Academy Main in the City of Newburgh was recorded on video Monday.

This time, students fought in a hall at the high school before security guards rushed to the scene to break it up.

Last week, boys put on boxing gloves and duked it out in a bathroom at the school while a group of other students gathered around to watch.

School district officials have remained mum about both incidents with no comment from administration or the teachers’ union.

Video from Monday’s NFA fight posted on social media (vulgar language)

Two weeks ago, female students brawled in a hallway until security guards rushed in to break it up. Following that incident involving former and current students, school and district officials issued statements online saying they were beefing up security around the building in an effort to  curb future violence.