Marine Corps vet honored

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KINGSTON – It was a gracious time for Wesley Salis, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, after he was given a $1,000 check Tuesday by some gun enthusiasts at the Safe Shoot indoor gun range.

Salis and his family were provided the Christmas cheer from a group that would collect money, starting several years ago, following morning competitions at the range.

“This makes me feel very grateful that there are people still out there who support veterans, not just in the traditional means and providing for families as well,” he said, “it’s overwhelming warmth.”

Group member Wayne Olsen said they throw in $2-a-head each week. As money accumulated, they realized they did not have to spend it on themselves.

“There are other people really in need. This being the holiday season, each Christmas time we try to make a donation to someone in need, primarily veterans and veteran’s organizations.”

Dave Clayton is a group member, and he said he likes contributing to worthy causes, especially those that help Salis and other vets.

“I think giving to veterans as much as we can, for the sacrifices they made for their time in the military, and some of them with the after effects of being the military, is the best thing I can do  to help them along and get acclimated back to civilian life in the United States,” said Clayton.