Gas leak at house caused by gunfire

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POUGHKEEPSIE – City firefighters responded to 56 Pershing Avenue in Poughkeepsie for a report of a gas leak at about 6 p.m. Wednesday night.  Firefighters verified that the gas meter had been ruptured, creating a substantial leak of the explosive gas.  An expedited response from a Central Hudson crew was requested.


When the natural gas crew arrived, they determined that the gas meter had been struck by a bullet, creating a large leak.


City police were summoned to the residence and treated it as a crime scene.  The resident of the dwelling told police that they recalled hearing a “pop” moments before the gas leak occurred.  A preliminary investigation indicates that a stray bullet had passed through a door of the building, struck the meter causing the leak, and then continued further.  Evidence was collected at the scene.


While City of Poughkeepsie firefighters were at the Pershing Avenue location, firefighters from Fairview and Arlington fire departments relocated to the city to provide coverage.  The relocated crews responded to a call of a pedestrian who was struck by a car while in the city.  The accident at Main and Academy Streets resulted in the pedestrian being transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.


The gas leak was repaired and police are asking for anyone with information to call the confidential TIPS line at 845-451-7577.