Assembly GOP task force discusses PTSD

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 VAILS GATE – Assemblyman Colin Schmitt gathered local elected officials, veterans, and first responders at the fire department in Vails Gate to discuss Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and what can be done to help with this debilitating ailment.

  “We’re doing statewide hearings in the Assembly Republican Conference to discuss what we can do as a state,” he said.

 Steve Bedetti, who works in the police field and is a department member, said PTSD is prevalent with first responders.

“We see it often, especially, believe it or not, with the younger community in all (responding) services. They see things they weren’t prepared to see,” said Bedetti. “The older people tend to hide it a little more, unfortunately. I keep things to myself and deal with things my own way.”

 And working in the law enforcement, Bedetti said calls also involve veterans coping with PTSD and how first responders deal with them. 

“This is a good thing to tackle it head-on,” he said.