Rappaport wins Fallsburg town supervisor’s race

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Kathy Rappaport

FALLSBURG – Kathy Rappaport has defeated long-time Fallsburg Town Supervisor Steven Vegliante.

The 402 absentee ballots that were held in abeyance were opened Monday morning following Acting State Supreme County Justice Mark Meddaugh ruled on Friday that they could be unsealed and included in the tally.

“What we campaigned on was building a more united community, roadway infrastructure, economic development, water infrastructure and transparency in government, all of which, we believe, could be greater improvement,” she said.

Rappaport won by a 271-vote margin, or 10 percent.

Vegliante, meanwhile, said Rappaport’s win was “gathered through immoral practices.

Town council candidates Sean Wall-Carty and Miranda Behan also won.  The tallies will now be presented to the court for formal certification.