Letter to the Editor: Ulster officials hiding details of Tech City deal

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Tech City

Dear Editor:

The Ulster County Legislature will vote to sell 28 parcels of tech city to a Connecticut- based real estate investment firm on December 21. The taxpayers need to know what the full market value of this property is.  I believe selling it for 5 million over 5 years is a bad deal for taxpayers. Five parcels by the railroad tracks were sold in August for 13 million. Take a drive around the property. It’s really a beautiful park-like place.
 Additionally, there is something fishy going on.  On December 12th Ulster citizens held a meeting. The county executive said he did not speak to the buyers from August.  However, according to a newspaper article, he did.  our county executive also said the 5 parcels purchased…are landlocked within the facility. The buyers have no right of way or access but they bought the property for 13 million cash!!! Makes no sense.
How polluted is Tech City? Why was the last county legislature meeting (accepting the deeds) missing video? Where are Town of Ulster officials in all this? Please investigate. This is all very fishy.   We need a transparent government.
Ryan Van Kleeck
Town of ulster