Bard College admits 100 Afghan students tuition-free

Bard President Leon Botstein: "moral obligation"

ANNONDALE-ON-HUDSON – Saying American colleges and universities have a moral obligation to provide educational opportunities for Afghan student refugees, Bard College President Dr. Leon Botstein announced on Tuesday that the Annandale-on-Hudson school will provide tuition-free education to 100 students.

In a joint news conference with White House Coordinator for Operation Allies Welcome, Jack Markell, and Governor Kathy Hochul, Botstein said he hopes other institutions of higher education will join in.


“We have to maintain America’s prominence as a safe haven for people who seek to continue to exercise the freedom of thought, the pursuit of science, the basic substance of democracy, and universities and colleges have to take a lead position and we are proud that we have done so,” he said.


Governor Hochul, meanwhile, announced the state is committing $2 million for Afghan refugee settlement opportunities.