Area law enforcement continue training efforts

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DUTCHESS COUNTY – Eighty-nine members of law enforcement from several local, state, and federal agencies attended an eight-hour course on police trends in the current environment on November 18.  The class was sponsored by the Dutchess County Association of Chiefs of Police and took place at the Elks Lodge in the Town of Poughkeepsie.

Law enforcement agencies across the country were given a blueprint for changes in policing from President Barrack Obama in 2015 and local police have been implementing the mandates set forth in the report.  The recommendations and changes are the result of President Obama’s “Task Force on 21st Century Policing.”

The task force formed as relationships were deteriorating between the police and the communities they serve.  The task force report said there is a “Need for and importance of lasting collaborative relationships between local police and the public.”  The full report can be found HERE.

The Poughkeepsie training covered several topics including “Use of Force, The First Amendment, Qualified Immunity, Media Relations, and Social Media.”

Instructor Eric Daigle, Esq.

President of the Dutchess County Chiefs of Police Association, Special Agent (Ret) Nicholas Valhos said the need for training is constant for police officers. “With police departments across the nation under stress, they have been challenged to maintain appropriate training programs to ensure officers are ready for split-second decisions while on duty,” he told Mid-Hudson News.

Hyde Park Police Chief Robert Benson attended the class and was pleased with the content. “The training was much needed for law enforcement administrators in the current climate,” he said, “The laws and rules keep changing with many unfunded mandates and no guidance from the state.”

Valhos also took a moment to address the community calls for transparency from police departments. “It is important for the public to be aware that we are moving forward in all aspects of the current police environment of policing, and we are continuing to face the challenges of policing today, keeping Dutchess County communities and our police officers safe throughout this great nation.”

The instructor, Eric Daigle, of the Daigle Law Group, provided the training. His firm specializes in management consulting services for the development of effective and constitutional policing practices. The firm also provides law enforcement training, policies and procedures, orders, manuals, and training bulletins to the community.