High school students respond to new security changes

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Poughkeepsie High School

POUGHKEEPSIE – Classes at Poughkeepsie High School returned to normal on Tuesday, after a shooting incident early last week forced the school to shut down.  District leaders, school staff, and city officials spent the week addressing safety concerns at the troubled school, and Dutchess County officials joined in to provide assistance.


After a pause in instruction, Poughkeepsie City School District Superintendent Dr. Eric Rosser, met with PHS teachers, staff, and students as well as Mayor Rob Rolison and Police administration to develop a series of policy changes to make the school safer.  Changes including financial assistance for security and outreach will be handled by the county’s Behavioral Health unit and other agencies.


“On Tuesday, immediate results were seen following two days of a reset to review student responsibilities, expectations and providing an opportunity for student voice to be heard,” said high school Principal Kelleyann Royce-Giron.  “Students who were caught in hall sweeps took ownership and most returned to class the following period. A few students were sent home due to their repetitive presence in the hallway after the late bell,” Royce-Giron added.  


Late last week juniors and seniors met with staff to discuss issues.  Underclassmen participated earlier this week.  “There were moments of hard reflection throughout the day and students who were not present for the ‘reset’ began meeting with the principal,” said the building’s leader.