Two businesswomen unite to open online coffee business


POUGHKEEPSIE – Two women have launched an online coffee business in Poughkeepsie.  Drip Co. Coffee.  The entrepreneurs, Michelle Barone-Lepore and Stefania Riccitelli intend to offer a variety of different blends and flavors of coffee with beans harvested from around the world and will sell them online only.


Barone-Lepore noted that the beans are being roasted locally for flavor. Drip Co. Coffee will offer coffee beans, blends, flavored coffee, and accessories for the connoisseur or average coffee drinker.


“For me, coffee is a daily dose of happiness. Each sip satisfies my palate, and at times brings me to moments I’ve enjoyed. When at home, brewing coffee, the aroma in the air gives my whole family a sense of comfort. Some of the best memories are made surrounded by a cup of coffee,” said Barone-Lepore.

Drip Co. Coffee is being sold online.


Both Barone-Lepore and Riccitelli come from first-generation Italian backgrounds, coffee was a natural fit for them because of how they grew up, surrounded by coffee.


Co-owner Stefania Riccitelli, in revealing their products, said “Coffee is a way that I bonded with my family and friends. All my relationships start with grabbing a cup of coffee and having a conversation. Drip Co. Coffee to me is building a friendship with someone and savoring it until the last drip.”

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