Newburgh schools seek to calm community after gun violence

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NEWBURGH – Acting Superintendent of the Newburgh Enlarged City School District Ed Forgit, addressed the rise in gun violence in a statement on Monday.  He also announced that Newburgh schools would be open as scheduled on Tuesday, November 23.  A verified incident of gunfire on Renwick Street Monday afternoon put the schools on lockdown at approximately 1:30 p.m. It was the second incident of bullets flying on Monday.


“Law enforcement agencies from across the county will continue to support the safety of students throughout the community, especially during arrival and dismissal times,” Forgit stated.  After a daylight shooting last week that injured four teens, all campuses of Newburgh Free Academy were closed on November 18.


Forgit’s statement said that much of the anxiety in the community has been based on unfounded rumors “sensationalized by word of mouth and the media,” without being specific.  In addition to blaming the media, he implicated adults in the uptick in anxiety and violence, saying “It is also important that our adults act as role models when managing their emotions – especially when they do not agree with someone. Our children are always watching our behaviors for cues on how they, in turn, should behave.”


Forgit made a plea for the public’s help.  “We also need our families and community partners to play a major role in supporting our children during this difficult time. Please check on our children – whether they are your biological child, a relative, friend, neighbor, fellow church congregant, and so on – if you know a young child or teenager, please check in with them.”


The full statement from Acting Superintendent Forgit can be found HERE.


City of Newburgh police along with other law enforcement and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office are investigating several incidents of gunfire that have occurred in the past few days in the city.  The police are asking for anyone with information to call City of Newburgh Detectives at 845-569-7509.