Ulster sheriff receives award from State Minorities in Criminal Justice

Ulster Sheriff Juan Figueroa

ALBANY – The New York State Minorities in Criminal Justice organization has presented the Harry Corbitt award to Ulster County Sheriff Juan Figueroa.

The group presented the sheriff with the award in recognition of 28 years of dedicated service to the citizens of New York State, “having demonstrated extraordinary achievements in law enforcement as Sheriff of Ulster County and as a Trooper with the New York State Police.”

Figueroa was also recognized for his four years of active US Marine Corp duty and 18 years in the Reserves in defense of the country.

“Your sense of service to people in the community, state, and country in enforcement of the law with fairness, compassion, and a respectful manner meets the highest standards of professionalism,” the award read.

The sheriff was commended for his “unwavering sense of duty and commitment which you display to earn of the New York State Minorities in Criminal Justice’s distinguished awards.”

The Harry Corbitt Award is named after the former New York State Police Superintendent who served this state and organization with integrity and devotion for more than 27 years.

Figueroa was elected sheriff in November of 2018 and took office in January of 2019.

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