Effort underway to have fallen firefighter listed as Rockland County’s first Line of Duty Death

Piermont Firefighter Thomas Pomplin

PIERMONT – Thomas Pomplin was 28 when he died from the effects of overheating and exhaustion from fighting the Storm’s Cedar Tub and Pail Factory fire in Nyack in July 1854. He died eight days later.

It is believed that he was the first line of duty death of a firefighter in Rockland County, but because he was black, that designation never happened.

Former Piermont fire chief and now lieutenant in charge of the dive team, Daniel Goswick, is hoping to change that.

“Based on our research that we have compiled, I believe that Thomas Pomplin should be recognized as the first line of duty death in Rockland County, but because of his skin color back then, I am sure he was never recognized for his heroic acts,” Goswick said.

The fire department has established a Go Fund Me page and has raised $3,000 so far. Goswick is hoping to raise between $10,000 and $15,000 to erect a monument in Flywheel Park in Piermont and a headstone at his family plot in the Rockland Cemetery.

Any money left over after the monument is created will be donated to the benefit of firefighter burn victims.

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