Top 5 Scholarship Essay Contests in the US

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Communicated Content – There are tons of scholarships for students in the US. They come in two main types: government-funded and supported by privately-owned organizations. Regardless of the funding type, almost all application forms require writing a short essay describing some experiences or giving a brief overview of the applicant’s motivation. 

Yet, there are scholarships given to the students solely for their writing skills. There are certain tricky conditions one has to follow to get a scholarship. Sometimes, it may be a very peculiar or understudied essay topic. Sometimes, it is the writing type or style.

The main features of essay contests comprise the following:

  • The judges have no access to the personal information of the applicants. So, biased decisions and nepotism are out of the question. 
  • The scholarship funds range from 500 bucks to several thousands. Often, contest rules stipulate an option to get prizes for the authors of the first three or five best writings.
  • The applicants are never allowed to choose topics to their liking. Usually, there is a list of several suggested themes that should serve as the basis for the contestants’ works. 
  • Topics touch on acute social problems or some aspect the university wants to explore.

One way or another, college admission or scholarship essays often contain generic stories and clichés. Members of the admissions committee have to read thousands of texts, not much different from each other.

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Phyllis F. McCarthy Scholarship for Excellent Writing Skills

This is a scholarship for juniors and high-school students.  Applicants can choose one of the three suggested topics. The word count should be under 3000 words. The first-place winner receives a one-time stipend of 1 000 USD. The two runners-up get 50 bucks each. The three prize-winning essays will be posted on the website and blog. 

So, how do you get noticed in an ocean of similar stories? Mind that competition for the prize is high. The answer is, many applicants use extra help from friends and professional writers. For example, you could go to to get some ideas about the text and get a well-written story that will make you a top candidate.

Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives Essay Competition

This competition is dedicated to the great writer George Watt. First arranged by Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives in 1997, the contest has later become annual. Students from all over the world can apply and compete for the prize of 1 000 USD. 

There is a unique system of winners’ distribution. The scholarships go to one graduate, three pre-college students, and one undergraduate. Yet, all winning compositions will be published. So, it is worth competing not just for the financial merit but for the chance to get published as well.

Better Business Bureau Ethical Torch Writing Fellowship

This organization gives high-school students a splendid opportunity to improve their CVs. It aims to promote ethical life choices among young people. The text in the application should describe different ways to use an ethics-based approach to solving problems and dilemmas. It should also feature real-life examples from the applicant’s personal experience.

The only downside is that only residents of Greater Arizona can apply. Yet, the prizes are worth it. Five applicants get scholarships ranging from 1 500 to 500 USD (first through fifth place accordingly).

Herrman & Herrmann Essay on Innovation Scholаrship

This contest stands out among the rest as it encourages the applicants to use their creativity. Students can submit not just essays but also artworks, poems, even videos, and songs. After completing the creative work, contestants should also write a 300-word essay about the teacher who inspired them to be creative. 

This contest is for undergraduates and high-school students. It stipulates six winners in total – three from Texas and three from other states. The best essay brings its author a $2 500 prize. The runners-up get $1 500 and $1 000. The teachers featured in the winning essays also get a $1 000 prize for their input.

Invensis Young Thinker Scholarship

The financing for this contest comes from a global outsourcing services company. Students from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia can compete for the $500 prize and a published article. Usually, the applicants need to write at least 600 words on topics like innovations and automation in business processes.

An extra advantage is that the best essay gets posted on the company’s website, social media, and blog. This competition is a unique opportunity for future writers and journalists to get references for their CVs.


Apply Without Fear

The only constant criterion for such scholarships is the submission of an essay, which, in the end, not only wins scholarships but also helps improve writing skills. So, do apply even if you have doubts. And if the contesting rules seem too intricate, do not hesitate to get help from professional writers.