Letter to the Editor: Veteran deserves to be re-elected

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Dear Editor:

Election Day is Tuesday,  November 2nd.  I am asking the residents of the First Ward to re-elect Alderman Joe Masi.  Joe is and has been, for many years, the only military veteran elected to the common council.

He honorably served in the United States Air Force from September 1, 1963, until June 14, 1967. I am glad that Alderman Masi has continued to serve the residents of the first ward.  He is always available to assist in any way he can.

I am a combat veteran who was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star for Valor and am glad that a veteran wants to continue to serve the people of the City of Middletown.  I hope that more veterans get will get involved in local government.  I hope that more veterans and their family members will again re-elect veteran Joe Masi.

Thank you, Joe, for your military service and the service you provide the residents of Middletown as Alderman.



Vincent Napolitano
Purple Heart and Bronze Star recipient
Middletown, NY


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