Majority of Wallkill Town Board calls for supervisor to resign

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Frank DenDanto (photo: town website)

TOWN OF WALLKILL – In light of the vulgar outburst by Wallkill Town Supervisor Frank DenDanto, three of the five council members are calling for his resignation.

Councilman Eric Valentin was the first to condemn the supervisor’s comments where he called  town comptroller an obscenity during a meeting and then went on to explain his constant use of profanity as that is the way he speaks.

Now, Councilmen Mark Coyne and Eric Johnson have joined the call for DenDanto to step down. In a joint statement, Coyne and Johnson said the supervisor’s actions “were not only inappropriate and unacceptable but were also unbecoming of someone given the trust to be steward of the town.”

Last Wednesday’s town board workshop session was abruptly canceled by the supervisor in less than an hour after the town attorney drafted a series of resolutions requested by the board majority. They included a censure of DenDanto “for his workplace conduct, as recommended by the confidential investigation report.”

Another resolution called for the supervisor to undergo individualized one-on-one training related to employment law and another resolution would have retained a law firm to review the town’s employee handbook to review and possibly revise the town’s equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment policies.