Letter to the Editor: Tipton and Rainaldi deserve support

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Dear Editor:

Karina Tipton and Sylvie Rainaldi are both candidates running for the Montgomery town board. I have watched them over time and they have demonstrated a rigorous work ethic that is admirable. They do the work to keep current on the impactful municipal issues of the day so they can continuously inform the public through their town hall tailgate sessions after local meetings, be it town, planning, or IDA. These candidates remain diligent in their fierce advocacy of accountability in government.

They are fresh faces on the political scene but are competent, well-qualified candidates with professional credentials. Karina is an environmental engineer and project manager while Sylvie with a master’s degree has experience in health administration and presently works as a financial consultant for community hospitals. They have the ability to properly address any issue that emerges before the town board. They are innovative and can think outside the box. Their vision of smart, diversified growth for our township is on the mark. If elected they are firmly committed to making that vision a reality.

Tipton and Rainaldi have my support and I hope yours on election day, November 2nd. Also, early voting runs from Sat. 10/23 to Sun. 10/31.


John Lown

The opinions expressed above are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Mid Hudson News.