FEMA declines Orange County’s request for Individual Assistance

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WASHINGTON – FEMA has declined to approve Individual Assistance for Orange County homeowners and businesses after Tropical Storm Ida.

Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney (D, NY-18) and County Executive Steven Neuhaus expressed heir disappointment with FEMA’s decision.

“I have seen the damage in our area first hand and have been working with state and local officials to provide FEMA with the most up to date damage data and to advocate on behalf of Hudson Valley homeowners,” said Maloney.

“Our private property and homeowners were significantly impacted by this event and continue to feel the impact of the storm. FEMA should be providing help to these individuals, just like they are in surrounding counties,” said Neuhaus. “If your property is damaged by a storm, it is damaged. It shouldn’t matter what side of a line on a map you live on.”

Just days before FEMA declined Orange County’s application, the agency approved Individual Assistance for Dutchess County.