State: Industrial Poughkeepsie site requires remediation

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POUGHKEEPSIE – The state Departments of Environmental Conservation and Health have determined that the Standard Gage & Coal site in Poughkeepsie requires remediation.

The 2.5-acre site is on two parcels separated by a rail spur owned by Dutchess County.

The proposed mixed use – commercial and restricted residential – includes the redevelopment of five site buildings for commercial use as office space and the creation of a public garden and recreation area next to the rail trail.

The Parker Avenue parcel is developed with a former manufacturing facility, historically owned and operated by the Standard Gage Company. The Garden Street parcel is developed with a single-story 6,000 square foot commercial warehouse.

Three unregistered underground storge tanks were removed in 2008 and replaced with one 1,000-gallon tank and two 500-gallon tanks.

Semi-volatile organic compounds and metals were found in shallow subsurface soils at concentrations above use-specific soil cleanup objectives.

Volatile organic compounds and metals were identified in groundwater exceeding groundwater quality standards. TCE and PFAS were detected in samples exceeding screening levels.

Volatile organic compounds were detected in soil vapor sampling locations at concentrations requiring mitigation.