Forestburgh man arrested on felony weapon charge


MONTICELLO – A 32-year-old Forestburgh man was remanded to the Sullivan County Jail on bail following his arrest in Monticello around 4 p.m. on Friday.

Police found Jason Roberts in the middle of the Walgreen’s parking lot at 381 Broadway in Monticello.

Lt. Mark Johnstone found Roberts passed out behind the wheel with the vehicle running and in drive.

Roberts was awakened by the officer and upon further investigation was advised that he was being placed under arrest for driving while his ability impaired by the use of drugs.

While being handcuffs, Roberts physically struggled with the officer before being taken into custody.

When searched, a loaded semi-automatic handgun was found in his pants pocket and a glassine envelope that field tested positive for fentanyl was also found on him.

Roberts was arraigned and remanded to the Sullivan County Jail on $15,000 cash bail, $30,000 secured bond or $60,000 surety bond, pending future court action.

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