Firefighters save houses from being destroyed by fire

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(Red Hook FD photo)
(photo: Todd Van Buskirk, Jr.)

RED HOOK – A “hot-in-place” asphalt reclamation tractor-trailer caught fire Friday afternoon on Spring Lake Road in Red Hook and required firefighters to work quickly to prevent disaster.  The incident took place at approximately 3:15 p.m.


As firefighters were responding, Red Hook and State Police reported several explosions on the propane-laden trailer and a significant amount of fire approaching nearby homes, according to Red Hook fire officials.


When the fire department arrived, they encountered the burning tractor-trailer that uses propane-fueled flames to heat up and recycle existing asphalt, providing a revitalized road surface.  The piece of equipment also carries flammable liquids used in the process.  Firefighters quickly attacked the fire to protect the surrounding homes while simultaneously working to cool the large trailer-mounted propane tank, to prevent an explosion.


Firefighters were able to get the fire that was threatening the houses under control in about 20 minutes.  A few minutes later, the fire and potential explosion of the propane tank was minimized.

Firefighters from Red Hook, Tivoli, Milan, Livingston, and Clermont fire departments remained on the scene for several hours to verify that the fire was fully extinguished, the destroyed asphalt trailer was removed, and the area was cleaned up.  Spring Hill Road was closed until approximately 10:30 p.m.

(photo: Todd Van Buskirk, Jr.)


A few houses sustained heat damage, including melted siding, as a result of the intense fire.

No first responders or construction workers sustained any injuries, according to a statement by the Red Hook Fire Department.


The cause and origin of the fire are under investigation.