Letter to the Editor: Genesis Ramos fights for Newburgh

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Dear Editor,

A vote for Genesis Ramos is a vote for us.  Without a doubt, Genesis Ramos is the best candidate for District 6 Orange County legislator. For once it is refreshing to see a face running for office that I recognize, a face that has been consistently present in my city, a face that is relatable and truly understands the need of my community.

Not only is Genesis Ramos a lifetime resident of the city of Newburgh, she is also a working-class woman of color who has experienced firsthand what the people in our city truly need. She has dedicated all of her studies and her career to learning and strategizing the ways to provide these needs for us. Her focus on justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, shows me that my vote means my voice will finally be heard. I feel as if I am included and that gives me faith that my needs can finally become reality.

Genesis Ramos has spent the last decade pushing this agenda in our city sitting on multiple boards that directly help our people such as, The Newburgh Ministry Board, Safe Harbors Board, the City of Newburgh Human Rights commission, and the Strategic economic development advisory committee. She has worked with at-risk youth, people with disabilities, victims of domestic violence and the list goes on.

Genesis clearly has the ability to not only reach but also connect with the masses within our community. All of her hard work and dedication to our city and our people led her to be hired as a consultant for the city of Newburgh. To me that in itself speaks volumes to me.

Genesis Ramos with all of her accolades and endorsements has proven to be well qualified, well equipped, and well experienced to assume the role as Orange County Legislator for District 6. I will proudly vote for her knowing that she will continuously and diligently work with all intentions to keep the needs of our community, our city, and our people her priority.

Jillian Ortiz
Newburgh, NY

The opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Mid Hudson News.