Outdoor City of Newburgh fitness center funded by state lawmakers

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NEWBURGH – The City of Newburgh will soon see an outdoor fitness center at Delano-Hitch Recreation Park.

State Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson (D, Newburgh) and Senator James Skoufis (D, Cornwall) each secured $50,000 in state funding for the project, which will be built in partnership with the National Fitness Campaign, an organization dedicated to encouraging participation in outdoor fitness activities. That group has contributed $30,000 to the project.

Jacobson said this center is “an opportunity for users of all ages to reap the benefits of outdoor exercise at zero cost to the city.” He also said since the onset of COVID-19, “many gym-goers have given up exercise to avoid being in a closed environment. This court will offer them an appealing outdoor alternative.”

Skoufis said the Newburgh facility was inspired by a similar court he helped establish in Haverstraw. “This will be a fantastic way to break down barriers to physical fitness, allowing adults of all ages and abilities to develop healthy habits and maintain long-term wellness on their own terms,” he said.

The project is expected to be completed in June 2022.