Metro-North ridership inching back up


NEW YORK – Ridership on the Metro-North Railroad’s lines is back up to about half of their pre-pandemic levels.

Railroad President Cathy Rinaldi told the MTA’s Metro-North Committee on Monday that they are gradually showing signs of improvement.

“Last week’s ridership averaged 126,601 riders a day, which is 48.2 percent of pre-COVID ridership average in February 2020,” she said. “Ridership is on a steady upward trend, 2.9 percent above the week before, 5.5 percent above two weeks ago, 10.2 percent above a month ago, and 35.2 percent above two months ago in August when Delta first arrived in the region.”

It is hoped that as more and more people are vaccinated and mask-wearing on trains continues, those ridership numbers will increase further.

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