Corrections officers attacked in several incidents in Hudson Valley prisons

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COXSACKIE – Multiple officers were injured during three separate, unprovoked, violent attacks by inmates inside two Hudson Valley-area medium-security facilities.

Chris Moreau, New York State Corrections Officers Mid-Hudson Region Vice-president released the details.

Moreau, the first incident occurred on September 25 at Greene Correctional Facility, where an officer observed an inmate acting erratically. The officer immediately phoned for backup and the responding officer approached the inmate, who had already raised his hands in an aggressive manner. The inmate immediately began throwing punches at the responding officer and an altercation ensued. The officer unsuccessfully attempted to subdue the inmate with body holds. Three more officers attempted to assist in subduing the inmate. While on the floor, the inmate kicked one of the officers in the back.

The 45-year-old inmate was examined by medical staff after the altercation for scratches, a bruise, and abrasions and was also noted to be under the influence of an unknown intoxicant or substance.

He is currently serving a life sentence after being convicted of murder in Queens in 1999 and is being held pending charges.

The four responding officers were all seen by medical staff and treated for various minor injuries, yet all remained on duty.

The second incident occurred on the evening of September 30, also at Greene Correctional Facility, where a rookie officer observed an inmate walking toward his station while carrying a cup of unknown liquid walking.

The inmate stated to the officer that the liquid was hot and that he was going to throw it at him. As the officer summoned for backup, the inmate grabbed the officer’s shirt and punched him twice in the side of the head. The officer attempted to defend himself and the two fell to the ground, where the inmate continued to punch the officer until additional guards arrived.

Officers noticed the inmate appeared to be under the influence of an unknown intoxicant and attempted to place him into a transport van for treatment.  The convict refused and became combative again. The officers forced the inmate onto a secured stretcher and he was transported to the facility medical unit.

The 45-year-old convicted felon in the second attack is currently serving seven years in prison after being convicted of criminal sale of a controlled substance in Putnam County in 2019. He is being held pending charges.


The rookie officer was sent to a nearby urgent care facility for treatment.  His three coworkers were evaluated by medical staff at the facility and returned to their assigned posts.

The third incident occurred in the afternoon of October 4, at Otisville Correctional Facility.  A female guard was sitting at her desk finishing her daily paperwork when she was violently attacked by an inmate.  The felon slammed the officer’s head against a wall at which time she activated her personal alarm, summoning the response team to the area.

The 35-year-old inmate, serving an 18 year sentence for manslaughter and burglary, faces additional disciplinary charges related to the attack. The officer sustained an abrasion to her head and a laceration to a finger, was treated, and returned to her assigned duties.

Moreau blames changes to policies for the violence. “There’s a simple solution to combat the chaos…walk back the dangerous policies. The state need only look at the statistics to realize that a decade of poorly thought-out policies which watered down the discipline system in our correctional facilities has fueled this madness.”


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