New Paltz activists lobby for good cause evictions

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NEW PALTZ – Renters are moving out of the Village of New Paltz at rates higher than other municipalities, said Deputy Mayor Alexandria Wojcik at the Good Cause Eviction Rally Wednesday night in front of Village Hall.

She knows firsthand the consequences of the current situation.

“A stable community needs stable housing and census data shows that we do not have stable housing. Our community’s tenants are moving out at rates far exceeding other municipalities, even other university host communities,” she said. “I believe we need good cause in New Paltz because my old roommates spent the first six months of the COVID crisis living out of their cars – yes, it was winter – due to our lease not being renewed for no good reason. Since them, the same thing has happened to a few other friends and neighbors.”

A handful of local residents showed up in support of this proposed law that will give renters more power against landlords who raise the rent or refuse to renew leases without cause. 

Brahvan Ranga of For the Many, the organization that ran the event, feels the village wants to build a law that will favor tenants but thinks “pushback from landlords and real estate lobbyists” has delayed the proposed law with the village board for months.

The deputy mayor mentioned a large portion of village of residents are renters, but “32 to 35 percent of the residents live in poverty.”