Poughkeepsie to upgrade city parks with federal rescue plan funds

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Spratt Park pool

POUGHKEEPSIE – The City of Poughkeepsie plans on spending $4 million to upgrade and modernize the city’s 18 parks. The work will include rebuilding and replacing aging equipment and making major upgrades at the green and recreational spaces.

The newly enhanced “PKGO-Parks Plan” will include American Rescue Plan funds approved by the federal government earlier this year.

The city has received nearly $10 million as its first installment, and some of those funds will be used as revenue replacement to offset lost revenues attributable to the pandemic.

“Our parks are enjoyed by residents and visitors alike,” said Mayor Rob Rolison. “They are crucial to improving the quality of life in the city, and are used by everyone, from youth to seniors, as well as community organizations for uplifting events that connect people to this great city. The city is committed to seeing our parks continually be welcoming places where people can gather.”

The mayor also pointed out that the parks — including the pools at Pulaski and Spratt parks — have seen an increase in use during the pandemic and are providing people with important outlets and reprieves during this difficult time.

The city’s Parks Infrastructure and Enhancements Plan has been developed with the assistance of New City Parks, an offspring of the Regional Plan Association. The plan consists of two types of improvements: Park upgrades and large capital improvement projects. Park upgrades consist of small projects, such as repairs to existing playground, additional lighting and tables and grills and improvements to basketball courts. Large capital project items are more complex in nature and, as a result, will most likely require environmental reviews and regulatory permits, such as rail-trail links and boat dock upgrades and shoreline stabilization at municipal waterfront parks, the mayor said.

The city is already working with New City Parks and Scenic Hudson on vast improvements to Malcolm X and Pershing Avenue parks, and the city’s additional financial commitment will provide upgrades to numerous other parks as well.

A specific breakdown of the park improvements can be found here.