Poughkeepsie makes major changes to its website

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Screen capture of the City of Poughkeepsie's new website.

POUGHKEEPSIE – The City of Poughkeepsie has unveiled its new website that includes expanded options and provides easy access and ways to get the latest news, events, meetings, agendas, and much more. The new website, www.cityofpoughkeepsie.com, went live  Tuesday, September 21.

With a new look and expanded menus, the website promises a better experience for the public, while also providing users the opportunity to get email and text updates and other notifications to stay informed about their city government, according to the city’s Community Engagement Director, John Penney.

“In this day and age, having a vibrant website and digital presence is essential, and the city continues to look to embrace technology to serve the public to the best of our abilities,” said Mayor Rob Rolison. 

The mobile-friendly and ADA-compliant site also provides straightforward ways to view and download documents and make payments for city services.

“This ‘reboot’ has given us a chance to clean up the website, to remove out-of-date information yet carry over content that is still pertinent,” said City Administrator Marc Nelson. “The result is a website that will be much easier for people to navigate, and I greatly appreciate the time and energy that city staff put into getting the site up and running.”

Website users are encouraged to create an account and customize their experience by choosing the modules, features, and keywords that they’d like to receive updates on, including calendar listings, news items, and emergency alerts. 

 “Like with any new website, we expect there will be some adjustments in the days ahead,” Mayor Rolison said. “We encourage the public to explore the site and become familiar with its features. We are confident the new website will prove to be a positive addition to the city’s resources.”