Town opens new offices in donated building

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The donated building that houses the Code Compliance and Animal Control departments.

TOWN OF NEWBURGH – A 7,500 square foot building donated to the Town by a veterinarian was officially opened on Friday, September 17.  The21 Hudson Valley Professional Plaza facility will serve as the offices for the Town of Newburgh Code Compliance and Animal Control offices.

The building was donated to the Town by Dr. Victor Rendano, Jr., and his wife Joyce and is dedicated to the memory and service of his father, father-in-law, and mentor.  The fully renovated facility, valued at approximately $1 million, was accomplished through the generosity of the Rendano Family and a separate $250,000.00 grant, at no cost to the taxpayers.

“We are so thankful to Dr. and Joyce Rendano and their family,” said Town of Newburgh Supervisor Gil Piaquadio.  “The fact that they donated this valuable 7,500 square foot building to the Town, in memory of their family members, shows how selfless they really are.  It couldn’t have come at a better time, we were running out of room for our Animal Control Department and Code Compliance Department.  This building will always be a legacy to the Rendano Family.”

In 2016, Dr. Rendano, DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine), donated the building to the Town.  When asked how he came to the decision to donate the building to the Town, Dr. Rendano said “The Legacy of a building that serves the community is everlasting — and much more important than a check if I sold the property.”

From about 2006 to 2016, Dr. Rendano and his partners had been using the building to treat companion animals who were afflicted with cancer.

Speaking of his wife of 51 years, Dr. Rendano said “Joyce was the guiding light for me when it came time to decide what to do with the building.”  “The Rendano and Mader families were immigrants who came through Ellis Island and went on to serve in World War II.  We decided to dedicate the building to our fathers’ service, and to my mentor, Dr. Samuell Pollock, who served in the Persian Gulf.  Dr. Pollock, a veterinarian, took me on as his protege when I was running with an Italian gang in high school.  He gave me a job, tutored me, and mentored me until I too became a veterinarian.  We decided to dedicate the building to these three men.  We wanted to donate the building to the VFW, which is next door to 21 Hudson View.  The VFW declined, saying the upkeep would have been too much for them, and told us to talk to Town Supervisor Gil Piaquadio.  The project just took off from there.”

During the grand opening, Dr. Rendano talked about the service of the men to whom the building is dedicated.  His father was Tech Sergeant Victor Rendano, Sr. (1920 – 2002)  Sgt Rendano served in the 466th Bomber Group.  Rendano, Sr. dropped out of high school and joined the Army Air Corps.  By age 23, he was married and had a daughter, Terry, and became a part of a B-24 Liberator crew.

The building is also dedicated to Joyce Rendano’s father, Major Carl Mader, US Army retired.  “Carl was born in Austria and came to the US via Ellis Island when he was 3 years old,” said Dr. Rendano.  “He was stationed in New York as a transportation specialist, moving equipment and troops to the war front.  After the war, he continued to do transportation of civilian goods internationally and he continued his military service by joining the Army Reserve.  My father-in-law was proud to be an American and was proud of his military service and his family.”

Finally, said Dr. Rendano, the building is dedicated to the service and memory of his Mentor, Dr. Pollock, who took in Rendano Jr when he was suspended from school and running with an Italian gang.  “We also dedicate this building to my mentor, Captain Dr. Samuel Pollock (1909-1999) 113th General Hospital, Ahwaz, Persian Gulf Command,” said Dr. Rendano.  “Dr. Samual Pollock aka “Doc” or “Poncho” immigrated as a child to the US and went on to become a veterinarian with a thriving practice in NJ.  He served in the Persian Gulf.  He received many honors for his professional achievements, and was well-loved for his willingness to help others.”

“Joyce and I, along with the rest of our family, were honored by the warm reception given to us by all the officials that helped make this happen in addition to Gil and Paul — Elizabeth Greene, Scott Manley, Joseph Pedi, Anthony LoBiondo, Assemblymember Jonathan Jacobson, and Mike Anagnostakis, representing Senator James Skoufis’ office. We would also like to thank the family of the late Assemblyman Frank Skartados, who was instrumental in securing the grant funds for the renovation.  We would also like to recognize the members of the police department and the VFW who were at the dedication ceremony.  This building shall serve as a lasting legacy to the principle of Service Before Self, and Community, as espoused by Victor Rendano Sr., Dr. Samuel Pollock, and Carl Mader, who truly embodied the Greatest Generation.”