State Police begin using bodycams


MONTICELLO – By mid-September, all uniformed state troopers in Troop F, the division west of the Hudson River in the region, will be using body cameras.

Many of the officers are being trained on their use and protocols now.

Zone One Commander Captain Reva Navaro told the oversight committee of the Sullivan County Legislature on Thursday that specific procedures will dictate the use of the cameras.

“When they are on a scene there are certain ways the bodycams get activated, by their lights, by a taser being drawn, a gun being drawn, and also they have to manually activate them. There are certain criteria for that,” she said. “When troopers are in a certain proximity of each other, all of their body cams will go on.”

Body cameras are viewed as a means of preserving evidence for the protection of the officers and the civilians involved in encounters.

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