Orange County Legislature begins its own investigation of IDA

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GOSHEN – The Orange County Legislature, Wednesday, began its own investigation into whether contracts signed by the Orange County Industrial Development Agency are void under general municipal law.

The Rules Committee, tasked with the investigation, spent its first session discussing a timetable for its investigation.

County Attorney Langdon Chapman, who is serving as interim counsel to the IDA, believes the agency is owed more money than that which was uncovered by the district attorney’s office.

“District Attorney (David) Hoovler has already secured over $1.2 million in financial assistance for the IDA as part of the compensation through the wrongful acts of Mr. (Vincent) Cozzolino, Miss (Laurie) Villasuso, and Mr. (Edward) Diana. It is my view that there are significant amounts of monies still owed to the IDA,” he said. “Your study can help determine that factually and give the IDA and perhaps others the ammunition we need to ultimately secure the money for the IDA and the people of Orange County.”

The legislature anticipates completing its investigation by the end of the year.