Mayor calls for Poughkeepsie division of youth services

Poughkeepsie City Hall

POUGHKEEPSIE – Mayor Rob Rolison says his proposal to create a Poughkeepsie Division of Youth Services is the culmination of the many programs the city has developed to serve its young people and their families.

The mayor said the city and school district have created a children’s cabinet, the city has created a youth grant program and in partnership with Dutchess County, will create a youth center at the former YMCA property in Poughkeepsie.

“We need to have a stronger and more coordinated presence within our city government structure when it comes to youth services and all the things that are part of helping a family and children develop in our community,” he said.

The common council must approve the proposal. At least three members support it  Natasha Cherry, Yvonne Flowers and Chris Petsas.

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