Orange County to market COVID-19 vaccinations to undocumented residents

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GOSHEN – Orange County still faces two populations who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus – those who don’t believe in vaccinations and undocumented residents.

County Executive Steven Neuhaus wants to get the word out to those concerned about their status that it is okay for them to get vaccinated.

“People can get their vaccines no questions asked no matter where they are from. If they don’t have an ID, we will still get them vaccinated,” he said. “I’m not sure if that is in compliance with what the state and federal government want us to do, but that is probably the most effective way for us to reach the 80 percent that the CDC says we need to get to in order to get herd immunity and beat this virus.”

Orange, like all other counties, continues to send the message that the vaccines are perfectly safe and protect people from the virus.