Woman asks Kingston cops to shoot her

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KINGSTON – A 30-year-old woman was transported to a local psychiatric emergency room after she asked a Kingston City Police officer to shoot her.

It was just before 6 a.m. on Wednesday that Police Officer Keith Dolan responded to the Delaware Avenue bridge over the Route 9W arterial for a report of an erratic woman walking in the roadway without regard to passing cars.

As Dolan approached, the woman climbed over the railing of the bridge. He engaged her in conversation from a distance, got her name and asked her to talk about what was causing her the distress.

After a few minutes, she climbed back over the fence and asked to officer to shoot her.

She then charged at the officer attempting to grab his gun, wrestling with him until he was able to pin her down, holding her hands while calling for backup.

When a second officer arrived, they were able to subdue her and place her in protective custody.

Police said no charged would be filed in this matter.