Newburgh teachers’ union upset over administration’s change of failing grades

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NEWBURGH – The Newburgh Teachers’ Association is not happy with the school district administration’s decision that changed all teacher grades of zero to 55 for students in grades 6 through 12.

“The Newburgh Teachers’ Association and is members want to be on record that the district has taken away the teachers’ discretion in regards to grading,” NTA President Stacy Moran wrote in a July 14 letter to Superintendent Roberto Padilla and school board members.

But, the district does not see it that way. Spokeswoman Cassie Sklarz said, “Consistent with the practice of schools across New York State, 55 is still a failing grade. Aa a minimum, this gives scholars a fighting chance to recover.”

“The NTA had no part in the choice to convert all grades to a 55, and we were not even made away that this conversion was implemented at the beginning of to 2021 school year,” Moran write. “If this becomes an issue in the public arena or with NYSED, we will make it clear that this was solely a district decision.”